5 How to Bring Blue to the Kitchen Ali Abedi 1. Give Consideration To Cool Cabinets

Blue-hued cabinets are really popular right now, and for good reason. Blue is beloved partly because we associate it with the sea and sky. Cool colors are also considered soothing, therefore with them into the true house might help produce a tranquil vibe.

While a bold blue on all four walls associated with kitchen area may be way too much for most home owners, a splash associated with hue on some or every one of the cabinets is a less intense option to introduce color into an otherwise neutral space.Cline Architects Whether your preferred blue is a saturated variation, such as the one noticed in the previous picture, or a softer color, as shown here, blue is a great choice in kitchens that have wood floors or countertops them really stand out because it acts as a contrast to the warm orange tones of the wood, making.

Search the Houzz pro directory to find a cabinetmaker or cabinet showroom near youMurphy Moon Design 2. Cue the Hue in a Backsplash

Another place that is popular include blue into the kitchen area is within the backsplash.

Find wall tile for the kitchen area into the Houzz ShopRestructure Studio A beautiful blue backsplash will certainly be a focal point, so work along with your designer or tile showroom to find an option that actually works aided by the other elements in your kitchen design, so they really defintely won't be fighting for attention.

You can then either pull a blue from the backsplash and make use of it somewhere else into the kitchen area, as was done into the example that is previous or keep the other things neutral therefore the backsplash continues to be the celebrity, as in your kitchen shown here.Wysteria Design 3. Go for a Painted Ceiling

Cabinets and backsplashes are unmistakeable candidates for a splash of blue into the kitchen area, but a much less common choice is the ceiling.Michael Schmitt Architect pc Many folks paint their ceiling flat white and so are done with it. The developers of these two kitchens alternatively opted to really make the ceilings an attribute into the space.

You can't get wrong with a sky-blue if you decide to paint your ceiling; I recommend talking with your design or color consultant about medium to light shades that have a touch of gray in them, to keep them soft.

As an additional benefit, cool colors tend to recede aesthetically, so a blue ceiling is going to appear taller than it is — helpful if your kitchen is height-deprived.

Find a painting professional in your areaSavoir Faire Residence 4. Introduce Blue devices

For the certainly fearless lovers of color, appliances for the kitchen are also for sale in a rainbow of hues. Making use of more than one in blue is a dramatic way to express yourself.Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath I guarantee your kitchen will be anything but boring and cookie-cutter if you install blue appliances! There's a multitude of options, of course, both in color and style. Whether you prefer an elegant, old-world look or favor something more fun and retro, a good kitchen designer can steer you toward the style and color that works for you and your budget.Rick & Cindy Black Architects 5. Finish Up With Flooring

We typically advise design clients to stick to neutral hues for items that are difficult or expensive to change out, and I would include flooring in that category. But then a kitchen is seen by me like that one and I remember that sometimes guidelines are made to be broken.

This vibrant blue flooring tile is not only pretty, it is also a good choice for those surviving in a warm climate. Both the color and material can help you keep your cool while cooking on even the hottest of days.clé tile OK, this floor is technically multicolored, with blue the predominant hue. The complexity associated with pattern offers a relative side benefit. About once a week, in between the cleanings I'd rather not see every little speck of dirt though I sweep my kitchen floors regularly and mop them. Ahead of renovating my house, I'd solid black colored ceramic floor tiles in the kitchen (installed by a previous owner) and they looked dirty within minutes of being mopped. A patterned or multihued flooring material such as this will be more forgiving if you aren't willing or able to clean it every day.

If clean-looking floors are a problem for durability and how easy it is to keep clean for you, ask your designer or flooring vendor to provide a sample of the material you're considering so you can test it.

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